Joe Anderson III

Owner / Driver:  Joseph Anderson III

Joe grew up the son of drag racer, NHRA Pro Stock driver Joe Anderson II, owner of Combined Technology Solutions of Ridgely, MD.  He is a student at DeVry University, majoring in Computer Information Science.

Growing up in Downingtown PA, Joe worked with his father as part of the Pro Stock crew, helping from simple tasks around the shop, to helping build engines to help support the racing team.  Joe learned much of his racing talent from his father, but was also around great talent like Bill Jenkins, Joe Lapone, Frank Iaconio, and Bob Glidden.

In the mid ‘80s, after the Andersons lost the racing program due to a tragic fire, Joe continued to work around the shop building high performance cars with his father.  In the late ‘80s Joe joined the United States Navy, and went to boot camp in San Diego, CA.  While in CA, Joe started racing 1/10 scale R/C cars and trucks with Losi JRXT, at all the tracks in San Diego area.  When Joe got out of the United States Navy in the early ‘90s, Joe moved to Massachusetts to be near his father, who was again drag racing.  Joe ended up buying a 1987 Camaro, and at his very first point’s race at New England Dragway, he took home the title of “King of the Street” and the first place trophy.

In the late ‘90s, Joe decided to work on his career, and went to work at GTE as a Network Technician, and later a supervisor.  After that tragic day, September 11, 2001, GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to become Verizon.  GTE ended up laying off over 60% of the staff, and Joe ended up taking the severance package and moved to Palm Bay, Florida.  While in Palm Bay, Joe started playing around with the radio control cars again, and started racing them while managing a few hobby shops, like Space Coast Hobbies, PNP Hobbies, and Hobbytown USA in West Melbourne, FL.  Not long after his first central Superior Hobbies RC Championship, Joe was offered a sponsorship with CVEC.  CVEC made CNC exhaust systems for the radio controlled market, and Joe took the opportunity to help the company update its product line to what the customers wanted.  In 2004 Joe ended up running the R&D and Sales of the company, and took it to new areas with the help of some of Joe’s friends at TRAXXAS, and HPI.  Sales soared.  Just one exhaust designed by Joe, outsold all other CVEC products combined.

After the company was forced to close, after the passing of the bank owner, and note holder of CVEC, Joe decided to go back to work as an automotive technician, while starting his education at DeVry.  Joe is still part of the Hobbytown family in West Melbourne, FL and is currently an advisor for the new Radio Control park being built in Valkarea, FL.





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